My journey to become a FertilityCare Practitioner began in 2008, when I became involved in Elizabeth Ministries.  Elizabeth Ministries primarily reaches out to women in need of help during their child bearing years. It's something that I enjoy tremendously and similar to being a FertilityCare Practitioner it is a special honor and blessing for me to journey with women through the beauty and hardships of womanhood.

In 2011, due to some health issues, it was clear to me and my husband that another pregnancy would be a great risk.  We attended a FertilityCare Introductory Session and despite being a seasoned mother of 5 and 38 years old, I was surprised at what I didn't know about my cycle and was in awe of it's dynamic design.  Charting my cycle has been empowering.  I am so much more aware of myself and my body.  This knowledge has allowed me to improve my overall health. 


I regret not learning to track my cycle sooner in life.  I don't want women to have this same regret. 

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Lauren Rubenzer, BS, CFCP